Who We Are...

The War Wagon Xpress is a podcast created by a young group of friends who are former military service members and now veterans of the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT).  Throughout the countless hardships we have endured, we have developed a very close comradery and gained a band of brothers.  Our experience from multiple deployments has given us a unique perspective that has forever affected our daily interaction and viewpoint of the world.  How we interact with everyone and each other is quite humorous from what we have been told, therefore we decided to share it in the hope that it is just as entertaining to you!  So kick back and Embrace The Fuckery that is about to ensue!


Serious Declaration,

This is an unrated Podcast for Adult Audiences, so yes there will be plenty of swearing and Fucked up conversations.  It will be raw, unedited content that will make you laugh as we bust on each other and share epic stories and random crap we make up.  If you dig us, please feel free to share our link with anyone who will also enjoy it.



Fine Print Rant,

As military veterans; we at the WWX strongly support and exercise our 1st & 2nd amendment rights protected by that amazing document - The Constitution of these United States.  Since we all swore an oath to defend it with our lives against all enemies foreign and domestic, you can be damn sure this podcast is going to ooze so much 1st amendment liberty that most millennials are going to need a safe space and a hug while listening to the epic Fuckery that will be afoot!  Strap on your sense of humor and bring your thick skin because they are just words people, if you unsure and feel that you may potentially become offended, by all means do not partake for ye haft been warned!