WWX - Episode 2 (Feat. Ray Ray)


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Episode – 2       Back in to the Shit!!!

War Wagon Xpress is an adult content podcast of Military Veterans expressing their point of view on different subjects and reflecting on past experiences and telling war stories. 

Host: Sharpie

Co-Host: K-Ro

Guest: Will

Guest: Ray Ray

This episode picks up from Episode 1 with stories from basic training and the Fuckery from not only the Army, but the Air Force too.  Ray Ray has joined the War Wagon Xpress Crew to shed some insight on the differences between the services and how he can hang with the shit talking Army guys!   

First Topic:

Basic Training part II back into the shit!  The Fuckery continues as the WWX Crew takes on an Air Force veteran Ray Ray, to give an account of his experiences in basic training.  He starts off mellow but by the end he is spitting Fuckery with the rest of the crew.  

Second Topic:

Will learns what a pocket pussy is during a new segment called Fuckery Freestyle.  During the Fuckery the pocket pussy takes stage as the leading role of the conversation and many laughs ensue, listen as your own risk!

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Mic Check!

Fuckery ensues just before episode 2 is about to be recorded as everyone warms up for the show!


Episode 2