WWX - Episode 3 (Feat. Ray Ray)


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Episode – 3

War Wagon Xpress is an adult content podcast of Military Veterans expressing their point of view on different subjects and reflecting on past experiences and telling war stories.

Host: Sharpie
Co-Host: K-Ro
Guest: Will
Guest: Ray Ray

In this episode Ray Ray has re-joined the War Wagon Xpress Crew to shed some more Fuckery with the shit talking Army guys!  

First Topic:
Basic Training the remanence of a couple last minute Basic Training story alibis before K-Ro leads with a story about AIT (advanced Individual Training).  

Second Topic:
Current Events: The crew discusses the California Veterans being forced to repay wartime bonuses that were incorrectly given and for an encore wonder if a girl who is auctioning off her virginity is literally prostitution?

Fuckery Freestyle:
The guys settle in to discuss a zombie apocalypse scenario after the shocking return of the Walking Dead Season 7, probably some spoilers!!  Along with the return of Will being terrorized by the idea of a used pocket pussy!   

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The Video for this episode was corrupted by camera issues (operator error) and had many anomalies that were far too great for our (K-RO) level of perfection, so the video will be of stills salvaged from the camera to aid the audio Fuckery! (If I feel the need to slide down that razor blade bare ass!) Our deepest apologies for this fuck up, but what the hell do you expect for free on the third episode we have ever produced??  Your patronage is appreciated, feel free to bitch in the box below and we will be sure to remark about it in future episodes! (Kimberly this means you!) Have an abso-FUCKIN-lutely amazing Day! :-P 

The crew of War Wagon Xpress