WWX - Episode 6 (Feat. Chris Rowley)





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Episode – 6
War Wagon Xpress is an adult content podcast of Military Veterans expressing their point of view on different subjects and reflecting on past experiences and telling war stories.  

Host: Sharpie
Co-Host: K-Ro
Guest: Will
Guest: Chris Rowley

In this episode, Chris Rowley “The Godfather of the WWX” was the guy that first conceived the idea to create a podcast around this motley crew of crotchety veterans! Chris makes his debut appearance just after the audio equipment has been granted a serious upgrade. The Godfather comes home to behold his creation on War Wagon Xpress with the Crew to represent the Air Force and bring about some more Fuckery with the shit talking Army guys!   

First Topic:
Chris is humbled by the WWX Crew when they appoint him as the Godfather of the show and discuss the origins of the idea to create a podcast of Fuckery.

Second Topic:
The Crew has been separated from Chris for over 5 years and is playing catch up with him as the episode is being recorded.  What inquiring minds want to know is how Chris went from government contractor to becoming an actor?

Fuckery Freestyle:
Will is fucked up on VA meds…………………… again!!

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