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Episode – 7(Feat. A Stuffed Alien)
War Wagon Xpress is an adult content podcast of Military Veterans expressing their point of view on different subjects and reflecting on past experiences and telling war stories.  

Host: Sharpie
Co-Host: K-Ro
Guest: Will
Guest: A Stuffed Alien

December 7th 2016 in this episode, the Crew is down to three and a stuffed Alien in the jump seat as a last minute replacement since there was a slight technical equipment issue again with the call in box!! The All Army Veteran crew for this episode takes on the first live recording and reflects and pays homage to all that fell at Pearl Harbor 75 years prior!

First Topic:
We will talk about the current issues with veteran suicide in our nation:
Is the VA doing enough?
Is it the VA’s sole responsibility?
What can veterans do about it to support veterans?
Will a reverse boot camp help?

While talking about veteran struggles we discuss briefly the Native American water Protectors

Second Topic:
The FTX… On this topic we will talk about the Field Training Exercises (FTX) Shenanigans. Stories from the hosts and guest on how these go and how can they be compare to the civilian world.

Fuckery Freestyle:
Will is fucked up on VA meds…………………….again!!

In closing, Sharpie reflects on a memory of when he visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial back in 1999 and shares a glimpse into the past with a story about his grandfather in WWII.

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